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Cost of Raising Meat Rabbits (Part 1)

When we started, we had difficulty finding the true cost of raising meat rabbits. There is so much information out there! None of it gave a comprehensive outlook into what it actually cost. In this series of articles, we am going to give you the numbers we have come up with regarding building and raising rabbits for meat. It is as comprehensive as we can give you. Remember, these are all numbers in general. Feed can be supplemented by forage in the spring, summer, and fall months if you have the time and inclination to do so. This would reduce your feed cost.

These are our costs raising 100% on pelleted feed. You can plug in the cost of what you pay for rabbit feed in your area to get an accurate approximation of what it will cost YOU to raise rabbits for meat.

Week old baby rabbit

Cost Per Kit to Raise to Butcher Weight

  • One 50 lb bag of rabbit pellets is $18 with tax.  
  • There are 150 cups per bag.  That is $0.12 per cup.  

Cost to feed mom during pregnancy:

¾ cup a day for 30 days = 22.5 cups x $0.12 = $2.70

$ 2.70 split between 8 kits = $0.34 add to each kit

Cost to feed kits:

Weeks 1 through 3 – mother’s milk    

Feeding mom (21 days = 15.75 c)15.75 x $0.12 =

$1.89 split between 8 kits =         $0.24

        Weeks 4 and 5 –  ⅛ cup per day x 14 days  = 2 cups

2 cups x $0.12 = $0.24

Weeks 6 through 12 – ½ cup per day X 49 days = 24.5 cups

24.5 cups x $0.12 = $2.94 per kit

Total cost to grow out: $2.94 +$0.24 + $0.24 + $0.34 = $3.76 per kit

Final product is around 3+ lbs. lean, healthy meat at $1.25 per lb!

The right size and age for processing - 12 weeks.

But that’s not all! If you want a comprehensive overview of your costs, you’ll need to calculate other costs and factor into your meat to see if it’s worth your while. There is ALWAYS a set-up cost.

In the next article, we will list out the cost of the hutches, cages, feeding and watering devices and nesting box costs.

You can find that article HERE. Hope this has helped. Feel free to check out our YouTube channel playlist for more information on meat rabbit care and keeping.

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