Our garden surrounded by t-posts and four levels of 30 lb fishing line used as "fencing". Three years, this has been 100% effective in keeping out deer.

Homesteading Dreams

City Girl

I was born and raised in multiple neighborhoods in Boston, and the concept of country life was idyllic to me.  But what appealed was the “green” of country life.  I was always enamored with nature since I was a little girl.  Just one short weekend camping trip with my aunt and uncle ignited a love of nature in me. In my years since, taking weekend trips from the city out to the wooded places always granted me relief. I had no idea this would be the kindle for homesteading dreams.

Boy Meets Girl

Fast forward decades later.  I married a wonderful man who loves the adventure called life.  He was born and primarily raised in southern California. Together, our story started in a high desert city in California where we married, and found ourselves in the southern part of New Mexico.  We spent 12 years there, but in that time, we caught the “bug” to be self-sufficient. 

Enter: Gateway Livestock

It started with 6 chickens (the maximum allotted amount for the city we were living in) and a garden between our home and the house next to us.  (The desert sun was too strong to have one in our little backyard.  I certainly had tried, but the fact that the space between homes offered a little shade was enough for us to grow a little garden.) 

Garden in the side yard of a city that shows how we began homesteading.
Beginning to homestead in the desert (2014).

Moving to Tennessee

In 2017, we had the opportunity to move to Tennessee and grow that self-sufficient dream. It was part of the adventure to pack up with our children and move 1,250 miles away from where we were living and chase that dream.  So, there has been a lot that we’ve done in the last five years.  

I should have started this blog long ago. But here we are, ready to relay what we have learned on our adventure.  My hope is that you can learn something from what we’ve done and encourage you in your pursuit!  At the very least, I hope you enjoy hearing about our antics and our continued adventures as we try to live big on a little farm. Realizing our homesteading dreams.

Our homesteading garden in Tennessee 2018
Spring 2018 Tennessee garden
We added a second garden in June 2022.
Second garden June 2022

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