Weigh Your Goat: No Scale? No Problem!

Problem: you have a sick goat but no scale to weigh it! You have to get its weight to properly dose! No problem. Follow these three simple steps. All you need is a seamstress tape measure.

Yup! This is going to be simple and all you have to do is measure your goat.

Secure your goat.

Goats that are truly in a bad way will more than likely stand still for you. But then there are the ones that need to be treated and are just well enough to want to squirm out of your grip. So, “secure your goat” basically means get it to a place where you can accurately put the tape around them without them running away. You can do this by straddling them if they are small, or even tethering them if they are big. In any case, to get accurate measurements, make sure you can properly handle your goat. Measuring will only take a few moments, but if you have an animal that won’t sit still, maybe putting them in the milking stanchion would help. You have to measure accurately to get a good weight on them to dose them properly.

Measure your goat.

First, you will measure the heart girth of your goat (see picture below). To do this, you will measure around the goat’s barrel right behind its “elbow”. Write this down. Next, measure the body length by measuring from the chest to the pinbone. The pin bone is the “pointy” bone next to the tail. Write this down as well.

Do the math.

Use your measurements and plug them into the formula below:

(heart girth X heart girth X body length) then divide by 300.

So, if you had a young goat that was 24″ heart girth and 28″ long, your formula would look like this:

24 x 24 x 28 = 16,128

divide that by 300 = 53.76 lbs!

This will give you approximately how much your goat weighs. It is close enough to the real weight of the goat that you can use it to figure out the medication. In this case, I would round to 55 lbs to make calculations a little easier.

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